Drain Cleaning

If Your Drain Hones, Call Dow-Jones…

Our fleet of vehicles are equipped with the latest rotor drain cleaning equipment. We are prepared for any type of blockage whether it is in the main sewer line, storm water line or a blocked waste line.

We have excellent teams that deal with blocked / problematic drains. We have various specialist drain cleaning equipment to deal with all drain types. We use Electro mechanical machinery, which has a very high success rate at getting your drain unblocked, without unnecessary digging. If you continue to get regular blocked drains, we advise that you get us to perform a CCTV camera inspection of your drainage line. This report and photos will detail the exact problem and location. We can then advise you further on the best, cost effective solution.

Floor Drain Cleaning

Floor drains are common in restaurants and floor drain cleaning is an exercise that often needs to be carried out in laundry rooms and industrial kitchens. They may also be found on patios and driveways as well as older bathrooms. These drains are equipped with a trap that should be kept filled with water to prevent odours and sewer gas from escaping. Dirt and debris can clog floor drains but Dow Jones can open them quickly to restore good drainage and restore normal functionality so you can continue with your everyday working life.

Toilet Drain Cleaning

Toilets are sometimes overwhelmed with toilet paper and foreign objects. Dow Jones can solve the problem with an Electro-mechanical rotor machine that feeds spinning springs into the toilet drain. The springs have a special clip in the blade system on the tip, that will cut through any obstruction while hugging the inside wall of the pipe, thoroughly cleaning it to restore full drainage and full flushes and unblocking anything that gets in its way.

Bathroom & Basin Drain Cleaning

Bathroom Basins may become clogged with hair, toothpaste, soap and grime and all types of other items. Dow Jones provides many bathroom plumbing solutions, and basin drains are one of the more common problems we solve. We will clear the blockage, and thoroughly clean the entire pipe system so your basin will drain like new.

Hair and soap blockages are usually the reason for buildup in the trap and drainpipe. When you’re taking a shower you should never see standing water in the base or tray. Properly functioning drains should carry the water away almost instantly.

If water covers the shower floor and your feet, you have a blocked shower drain, which will eventually become completely blocked causing damp in your wall so it must be dealt with when the problem presents itself. A technician will use drain cleaning machines to clear the drain of any and all debris, restoring back to its original state.

Main Sewer Line Cleaning

Main Sewer Lines are the largest drains in a home. All other household drains lead to the main sewer line or manhole. The main sewer runs underground from the house and connects to a municipality or a septic tank. Your main sewer line can become blocked from the debris those other household drains wash into it or by tree roots that penetrate pipe joints from surrounding soil.