High Pressure Drain Cleaning 

High Pressure Clean Out

By performing this type of preventative maintenance on drains, one ensures that drains are always running at maximum efficiency so you can continue normal operation in terms of household or business.

We recommend this service on fat lines, grease traps and lines that are filled with sand. By performing this type of preventative maintenance on drains, you ensure that your drains are always running at maximum efficiency.

High Pressure Water Jetting Truck:

High pressure water jetting in order to unblock and clean out sewer lines and storm water lines.

For drains that are blocked and have failed to be cleared by our plumbing technicians, electro-mechanical equipment and rodding, there is another solution and its called high-pressure cleaning and it can remove the toughest / hardest blockages. High-pressure cleaning is a very specialised solution which unblocks drains using large volumes of water at high pressure, to unblock stubborn drains.

Our truck has a water storage tank mounted on the back as well as a high power diesel motor which powers the pressure pump that pumps water into the 100m high pressure hose which would be inserted into the drain.

The nozzle which is positioned at the tip of the hose is where all the magic happens. The nozzle has 4 openings, 1 front facing, and 3 backwards, which then fires water into the drain.

Using very high volumes of water and pressure it can unblock the most stubborn blockages such as cement, rubble, slugged, grease, fat, rags, bottles and whatever else might be blocking the drain. The high pressure truck is a sure fire way to unblock sewer and storm water drains if all else has failed, this solution is quick and effective and guarantees results!