ZIP Chillmaster Installations

 Zip Chillmaster is an effective chilled water solution for hospitals, clinics, reception areas and schools. It uses 5 micron filtration and comes with a carafe filler and optional bubbler.

With its robust, easy-to-clean stainless steel bowl and case, Chillmaster delivers 28 litres of chilled, filtered water per hour. A filter change reminder light indicates when filter replacement is due. Zip recommend filter replacement at intervals of 6 to 12 months depending on levels of usage and water quality (See link below).

Chillmaster comes in a choice of freestanding floor or wall-mounted models. Optional accessories include a disposable cup system and a waste water dish for installations where drainage is not available.

Zip CH101 Chillmaster

Floor standing unit supplies 140 (200ml) glasses per hour.Heavy duty, easy to clean stainless steel bowl and case. Filter change reminder light signals when easy to change filter cartridge requires replacement.

Dimensions: 915mm(h) x 359mm(w) x 354mm(d)

Zip Chillmaster Floor Standing and Wall Mounted Chillers.

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